Sunday, September 15, 2013

Antibody Array-ELISA Kits for Cancer Researchers

We continue to build our catalog of Antibody Arrays & ELISA Kits
for Cancer Researchers. Our RayBio® C-Series Ctyokine Arrays
enable you to analyze the expression of up to 120 Cytokines for about
the price of a single ELISA (585 USD).

 Antiboy Array 5
Figure 3. PTEN Downregulation in HER2-Overexpressing Cells Activates an IL6/NF-kB-Mediated Inflammatory Feedback Loop (A–E) MCF7-HER2+PTEN cells secreted 3- to 5-fold higher levels of IL6, IL8, and CCL5 compared to MCF7-HER2+ or MCF7-PTEN cells as determined by RayBio human cytokine antibody Array 5 (A). The intensity of each blot compared to control was determined by Kodak image analyzer (B) and confirmed by ELISA (C). Downregulation of PTEN in HER2-amplified breast cancer cells, BT474, SKBR3, HCC1954, and Sum159-HER2+ (D) results in increased levels of these cytokines in vitro (E).

Array Capabilities:
  • Detects expression of 96 secreted proteins in a single sample, in a single day. 
  • If you can do a Western, you can use a C-Series Antibody Array. And get excellent results the first time!  
  • Sandwich ELISA pairs give C-Series arrays high sensitivity and specificity.  
  • C-Series arrays are compatible with practically ANY liquid sample. 
References have cited using membrane-based C-Series Cytokine Antibody Arrays with nearly every liquid sample type imaginable, including: cell-cultured and co cell cultured media, cell and tissue lysates, tissue/organ perfusates, serum, plasma, urine, and many other body fluids, including cyst, interstitial, synovial, blister, cerebrospinal, prostatic and amniotic fluids, as well as abscesses, broncho-alveolar lavage, sputum, saliva, tears, breath condensates, and even human milk and colostrum. Publications referencing use of our Antibody Arrays.

I will be posting more new developments here.


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