Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Easy Immunostaining Staining

10X the Signal at a Fraction of the Cost
Time is money. This is especially true of routine immunostaining assays.

We are pleased to introduce you to EZ-HRPTM Polymer Detection. Features include:
  • 10-15 times more sensitive than conventional avidin-biotin detection 
  • Allows for entire staining procedure to be completed in just under 2 hours Requires less primary antibody (3-4 times less) 
  • Does not produce non-specific background staining Can be used on unfixed or chemical fixed (formalin, formaldehyde, alcohol, etc), paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue sections.
Comparison of IHC images using EZ-HRP™ Polymer vs. a conventional avidin-biotin antibody
We are continuously adding new products to improve your research results.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Our Hearing Adapts in Space

Synaptic Plasticity in the Ear
Our mission to Mars is driving a need to better understand the physiological impact on the human body. Deep space travel places unique challenges for humans. It is important that there is minimal impact on space travelers' senses. This includes hearing.

This study uses our Shank 1a Antibody to determine changes in the neuronal structure of the ear in microgravity.

Image: Verification of antibodies to CtBP2 and Shank1a. A and B: serial 14-µm cryosections were obtained from a postnatal day 71 (P71) mouse utricle, and maximum-intensity projections are shown. Hair cell (hc) and support cell (sc) nuclei are illuminated by the DAPI stain (blue). Numerous closely associated CtBP2-and Shank1a-positive puncta can be observed in the positive immunostained section represented in A (block arrowheads). The CtBP2-positive puncta highlighted by the flared arrowhead in A may represent an undocked synaptic ribbon. No primary antibodies were included in the processing represented in the micrograph in B. The scale bar in B represents 5 µm and also applies to A. C and D: maximum-intensity projection micrographs from right and left whole mount utricles from a P65 mouse. Importantly, fixative administration into the temporal bones yielding the specimens represented in C and D was delayed 7 min to replicate the conditions associated with specimens derived from the microgravity and control specimens. The positive-immunostained specimen of the pair is shown in C, where numerous closely associated CtBP2-positive and Shank1a-positive puncta can be observed. Though faint, CtBP2-immunostained nuclei are highlighted by the flared arrowheads. The micrograph in D illustrates the results of withholding primary antibodies from the processing. Immunolabeled puncta are not observed. The scale bar in D represents 5 µm and also applies to C. https://www.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/jn.00240.2016 

These results demonstrate that structural plasticity was topographically localized to the utricular region that encodes very low frequency and static changes in linear acceleration, and illuminates the remarkable capabilities of utricular hair cells for synaptic plasticity in adapting to novel gravitational environments.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Staining Cells and Tissue

The background is Bad!
Yes, it is. It compromises data. We have a solution.

FluoMute™ ready-to-use reagent to reduce autofluorescence in cells and tissue. Just incubate fixed cells of tissue sections with FluoMute™ for 30-60 min at room temperature, rinse with PBS and continue with immunofluorescence ICC or/and IHC protocols. Treatment with FluoMute™ does not affect cell morphology and the integrity of tissue antigens to be detected with primary antibodies (see bottom image). FluoMute™ is compatible with paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue sections, stem cells, lymphocytes and mammalian cell lines of different origin.

We plan on adding products that will provide stronger signals with fewer protocols steps vs traditional solutions. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Human Cells in Action

Human Microvascular Retinal Endothelial Cells (HMRECS)
We have built the foundation of Neuromics on satisfied customers. We make a practice of following up with each user to make sure our solutions are working as expected. If not, we offer "no question asked" refunds or replacements.

This is especially important for our human cells, media, and supplements. Success with these is easy to measure as either the cells are healthy and happy or they are not.

We also use reviews and publications as another measure of satisfaction. Here I would l highlight the latest publication using our HREMCS. A. P. Da Cunha, Q. Zhang, M. Prentiss, X. Q. Wu, V. Kainz, Y. Y. Xu, J. Vrouvlianis, H. Li, N. Rangaswamy, B. Leehy, T. L. McGee, C. L. Bell, C. E. Bigelow, V. Kansara, Q. Medley, Q. Huang & H. Y. Wu. The Hierarchy of Proinflammatory Cytokines in Ocular Inflammation. Current Eye Research, Volume 43, 2018 - Issue 4 Published Online: 04 Dec 2017.

Images: Effect of HG (high glucose) and pro-inflammatory cytokines on connexin43 expression in HRMECs. Immunohistochemical data showing connexin43 expression in (A) normal medium; (B) HG (25 mM); (C) pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-1β and TNF-α 10 ng/mL each); and (D) a combination of HG and pro-inflammatory cytokines inducing a change in cell morphology with signs of cell swelling, possibly owing to hemichannel opening (indicated by white arrows).

If you have questions or interest in any of these, please contact rose@neuromics.com or 866-350-1500.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Neuromics' Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) Strikes Again

Potent FBS at Pricing You'll Like
Neuromics started providing FBS to researchers in early 2017. Our goal was to provide thorough tested and 9-CFR compliant FBS with the lowest pricing anywhere.

In order to ensure our initial claims are trustworthy, we follow up with all our users and ask that they provide feedback. Here's the latest review-Ordered Fetal bovine serum. Best price and quality" - Juwen D, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Product: Heat-inactivated FBS, cat no. FBS001-HI.

We are now starting to see the use of our FBS reference in publications: Amélie Robert, Peirun Tian, Stephen A. Adam, Mark Kittisopikul, Khuloud Jaqaman, Robert D. Goldman, and Vladimir I. Gelfand. Kinesin-dependent transport of keratin filaments: a unified mechanism for intermediate filament transport. 26 Jun 2018https://doi.org/10.1096/fj.201800604R.

Images: Keratin filaments are associated with microtubules. A) 3D-SIM imaging of keratin and tubulin immunostaining of RPE cells. The enlargements show the alignment of keratin filaments with microtubules. Scale bar, 5 mm. B) Confocal imaging of keratin and tubulin immunostaining. In control cells, keratin filaments extend to the cell periphery, and the filaments retract into the perinuclear region after 3-h treatment with 10 mM nocodazole to depolymerize microtubules. Scale bar, 10 mm.

Give our serum a try today! Neuromics US-Origin Fetal Bovine Serum is only 349USD/500ml. Heat-inactivated FBS only 364USD/500ml. Need a large quantity? Bulk discounts are available. Like a sample to try? Contact rose@neuromics.com for a 50 ml sample.