Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pure and Potent Human Primary Retinal Pigment Endothelial Cells (HRPES)

Culture Ready
Neuromics is a recognized leader in providing researchers 21-CFR Compliant Primary Human Cells.

Here we feature our new Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell (HRPES). These hard to find cells are reasonably priced and culture ready,
HRPES in Culture

Cells are provided at passage 3. HRPEs growth medium (contains 10% serum and growth supplements, Alpha-33) is recommended for cell culture and these cells have a minimum average population doubling capacity of 8 when cultured following the detailed protocol.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

ATP and Pain

P2XRs Play a Key Role
In dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons, ATP is an important neurotransmitter in nociceptive signaling through P2 receptors (P2Rs) such as P2X2/3R, and adenosine is also involved in anti-nociceptive signaling through adenosine A1R.

ENNPs interact with P2XRs to metabolize ATP to AMP in DRGs. Kentaro Nishida, Yuka Nomura, Kanako Kawamori, Akihiro Ohishi, Kazuki Nagasawa. ATP metabolizing enzymes ENPP1, 2 and 3 are localized in sensory neurons of rat dorsal root ganglion. European Journal of Histochemistry 2018; 62:2877.
Images: Rat DRG stained with Neuromics P2X2R and ENPP1.

Modulating ATP Processing in DRGs could prove a target for pain therapies.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Long Term Culturing of Cells

Non-Perfusion Model
Researchers, for some studies, are demanding the ability to maintain vibrant cultures for long periods of time.

Perfusion models afford this, but are expensive, sensitive and require specialized expertise. Given this, I believed it a good time to represent a protocol that can be used for our primary neurons and can be extrapolated to many of our other primary and stem cells.

Rose Ludescher, Manager of Customer Satisfaction, is an expert in helping our customers successfully culturing cells. So if you need help with any of your cell-based assays do not hesitate to contact her. Just email your request to

Saturday, April 07, 2018

National Eye Institute's 3-D ROC Challenge

Are you Ready?
Neuromics is a proud Sponsor of this challenge. It enables us to further leverage our potent, proven and published 3-D Cell-Based Assay Solutions into drug discovery for eye-related diseases.

Our solution set includes 21-CFR Compliant human primary and stem cells and research ready custom and off the shelf 3-D Models. We also provide defined media and supplements.
Neuromics 3-D Blood-Brain Barrier Model
In addition to models, we offer: ECMS
•Engineered hydrogels optimized for cell types
•Coming soon: Bio-Inks for 3-D Printing-Engineered for Cells

Neuromics’ HUVECS in an engineered ECM
For all participants we offer We offer a 10% discount on all cells, 3-D models, media and supplements Contacts: Pete Shuster,, 612-801-1007; Rose Ludescher,, 866-350-1500