Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Human Primary Endothelial Cells

Potent, Pure and Culture Ready
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Ravi D. on BirdEye ★★★★★
4 months ago We have ordered Brain derived Endothelial Cells or BECs. We could not find these in different companies, particularly from multiple donors. Overall, we are happy with the products.

Image: Human microvascular network formation based on microfluidic 3D HUVEC culture. a Schematic diagram of HUVECs seeding in the fibrin hydrogel. b Schematic diagram of microvascular network formation in the fibrin hydrogel. c Microscope image of HUVECs just seeding in fibrin hydrogel. d Confocal microscope image of human microvascular networks. Journal of Nanobiotechnologyvolume 17, Article number: 20 (2019)

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Saturday, August 17, 2019


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DRGs cultured in media supplemented with Neuromics' FBS

Gabriela Fernandes, Stephen T Vanyo, Shahad Bakheet Alsharif, Sebastiano Andreana, Michelle B Visser, Rosemary Dziak, Ph.D. Strontium Effects on Human Gingival Fibroblasts.

"I looked around for a good price on FBS and Neuromics has the best price and great selection." Tracy Doebler - Aug 08, 2019 - Rating: 5.0

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Sunday, August 04, 2019

i-Fect Delivers circRNA and miRNA

Blocks Bone Cancer Pain
Altered expression of circular RNA (circRNA) is recognized as a contributor to malignant pain where microRNA (miRNA) exerts an essential effect. Researchers used our i-FectTMTransfection Kit to knock them down. Zhongqi Zhang, Xiaoxia Zhang, Yanjing Zhang, Jiyuan Li, Zumin Xing. Yiwen Zhang. Spinal circRNA-9119 Suppresses Nociception by Mediating the miR-26a-TLR3 Axis in a Bone Cancer Pain Mouse Model. Spinal circRNA-9119 Suppresses Nociception by Mediating the miR-26a-TLR3 Axis in a Bone Cancer Pain Mouse Model. Journal of Molecular Neuroscience. pp 1–10

Intrathecal Administration of miRNA and circRNA Pre-miRNA sequence of miR-26a and circ9119 were cloned into a plasmid. The i-Fect transfection reagent (10 μL; Neuromics, Edina, USA) was used to resuspend plasmids for injection.

Sample Data

Image: siRNA-mediated suppression of target gene expression in Schwann cells.
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