Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Park7 Data-Thank you Amanda Ashley

We have received extremely positive feedback on the quality of our PARK7 (DJ-1) antibody. In addition to feedback, Amanda Ashley, in Dr. Legare's Laboratory, Colorado State University, resently sent us a very clean Western Blot using the PARK7 (DJ-1) antibody comparing wildtype to PARK7/DJ-1 knockout animals

Click to see full sized image.

WB: Wild type and PARK7 (DJ-1) KO animals
Data courtesy of Amanda Ashley and Dr. Marie Legare, Colorado State University.

Western conditions:
– 25mg protein from mouse brain lysate
– 1:2000 Park7 (DJ-1) antibody (Cat # RA19006)
– 12% gel
– Electrotransferred onto PVDF
– Blocked with 5% BSA in TBS-Tween
– Detected with ImmunStar HRP (BioRad)
– Dually probed for beta-actin (1:1000, Sigma)