Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Customer Data on New Alpha 2c

Alpha 2c staining of rat ventral spinal cord (dilution 1:100). para-picric fixative. Please note perinuclear labeling. This appears around most neurons in spinal cord.

Thank you to Dr. Patrick Carr, UND

Sunday, February 04, 2007

GDF-3 and Cancer, Diabetes

We have just added a new GDF-3 to our BMPs/GDFs antibodies category.

Image: GDF Staining of mouse thymus. Tissue was stained with goat HRP-DAB (brown) and counterstained with Hematoxylin (blue

Description: The TGFp superfamily of ligands plays key functions in development and disease. In both human and mouse embryonic stem cells, a member of this family, GDF3, is specifically expressed in the pluripotent state. We show thatGDF3 is an inhibitor of its own subfamily, blocks classic BMP signaling in multiple contexts, interacts with BMP proteins and is expressed specifically in the node during gastrulation in a pattern consistent with BMP inhibition. Furthermore, we use gain- and reduction-of-function to show that in a species-specific manner, GDF3 regulates both of the two major characteristics of embryonic stem cells: the ability to maintain the undifferentiated state and the ability to differentiate into the full spectrum of cell.

GDF-3 is suspected to be expressed in certain forms of cancer. These could include Breast and Testicular Cancer (Link).