Friday, September 27, 2013

From Zero to 3-D Cell Based Assays in 15 Minutes

Collagel Hydrogels are Designed to Match Your Cell Types.

We are pleased to add Collagel Hydrogels to our 3-D Cell Based Assay Solutions.

The are 3 different gel types that mimic the different in vivo extracellular environment that your cells experience. You will be able to get really nice adipogenesis with MSCs using our CollaGel Hydrogel Standard. CollaGel Hydrogel Soft is an ideal matrix for growing fibroblast; primary hepatocyte cultures and great for growing smooth muscle cells. CollaGel Hydrogel Soft+ is an ideal matrix for growing nervous cells, veins cells and Hydroxyapatite crystals.

Image: Primary hepatocyte culture in 3D model using our CollaGel Hydrogel. 

Using these gels, you can now form small tube-like structures in combination with Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) in a 3D model. Our CollaGel Hydrogel can also be used for 3D printing without worrying about the needles in your machine been broken due to the fast gelling process. Collagel Hyrogels can be used for: Stem Cell Behavior Studies Fibrosis Studies,  Cosmetic Toxicology, Hepatocyte Assays, Neuronal Branching, Wound Healing Assays, Cell Invasion Assays, Migration Assays, Cancer Cell Phenotyping and  Bioprinting.

I will be posting Collagel Hydrogel related data and images provided by our customers.

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