Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Astrocyte-Glial Markers

More Options!

We get a lot of request for markers that will more specifically stain astrocytes, glia and microglia. Let's say, for example, you want to pinpoint these cell types in a mixed neuron-glial culture. You can now do a dual label and generate these results.

Image: Neuron-glial cell mixture cultures stained with  ALDH1L1 (red) and our monoclonal antibody against GFAP (green). Blue is a DNA stain. ALDH1L1 stains astrocytes and excludes from neuron cells. ALDH1L1 stains the astrocytes cell body and processes, whereas GFAP labels the intermediate filament of the cytoskeleton in subset of astrocytes. Astrocytes are positive for both ALDH1L1 and GFAP appear yellow. ALDH1L1 also labels many astrocytes not labeled by GFAP, which appear as red. Inset:Blot of rat liver tissure homogenates blotted with ALDH1L1. The antibody binds strongly a band at ~100 kDa.

Or how about these results:
Image: Mixed neuron-glial cultures stained with Mouse Monoclonal GFAP, and Chicken Polyclonal Neurofilament-NF-L (green). The GFAP antibody stains the network of astrocytes in these cultures, while the NF-L antibody stains neurons and their processes. The blue channel shows the localization of DNA. This antibody also works on formalin fixed paraffin embedded brain tissues. Inset: Strip blot of rat spinal cord protein extract stained with GFAP. A prominent band at about 55 kDa corresponds to the major isoform of GFAP.

We will continue to post new additions to our Neuronal-Glial Markers.

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