Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Ready to Use Blood Brain Barrier Model (BBB)

6, 12 and 24 Well Options

We are pleased to introduce our BBB Model. It is designed to provide more in vivo like data for your drug discovery and toxicology assays.

Our model mimic transport properties of the BBB due to the formation of tight junctions, higher expression of specific carriers, or great cell viability. The model includes brain endothelial cells with pericytes and astrocytes layered in an insert. This model improves endothelial cell polarization and enhance the formation of tight junctions, provide better endothelial cell-to-cell contact that is important for barrier development, and prevent the dilution of secreted neurotrophic factors, and these conditions collectively led to the development of an in vitro model that can truly mimic the BBB.
Diagram of BBB Model Transporters
Transport of a molecule (blue) through 3D Human BBB Model in a luminal to basal direction 
Calculation of apparent permeability (Papp in cm/min)
Apparent permeability coefficient Papp (in cm/min) based on the Fick's law can be calculated according to the following equation:
VA: volume of abluminal chamber (cm3)
A: membrane surface area (1.12 cm2)
[C]L: initial luminal tracer concentration (ng/ml)

[C]A : abluminal tracer concentration (ng/ml) t : time of experiment (min)

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