Friday, November 20, 2015

Staining Neurons and 3-D

Tuj-1 or Beta Tubulin Antibody in Action!

Our potent Neuron-Glia Markers are widely used and frequently published. We are also pleased with the many positive reviews.

In this study researchers use our Tuj-1/Beta Tubulin Antibody to stain neurons in 3-D Cultures: Gaoying Sun, Wenwen Liu, Zhaomin Fan, Daogong Zhang, Yuechen Han, Lei Xu1, Jieyu Qi, Shasha Zhang, Bradley T. Gao, Xiaohui Bai,Jianfeng Li,Renjie Chai, Haibo Wang. The three-dimensional culture system with matrigel and neurotrophic factors preserves the structure and function of spiral ganglion neuron in vitro...Tuj-1-β-tubulin (1:1000, Neuromics, USA)...

Images: Morphology of the SGNs growth cone cultured in 2D and 3D systems. Phalloidin, green; β-tubulin, red.

I will continue to post positive developments concerning use of our Neuron-Glia Markers.

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