Saturday, November 28, 2015

Neuron Astrocyte Glial Markers

Potent and Frequently Published!

We have a stout catalog of Neuron-Astrocyte and Glial Markers.

They are widely used and frequently published. Here're some recent examples:
Mouse Monoclonal GFAP: Chelsea M. Larabee, Constantin Georgescu, Jonathan D. Wren and Scott M. Plafke. Expression profiling of the ubiquitin conjugating enzyme UbcM2 in murine brain reveals modest age-dependent decreases in specific neurons. BMC Neuroscience201516:76 DOI: 10.1186/s12868-015-0194-y© Larabee et al. 2015.

Image: Mixed neuron-glial cultures stained with Mouse Monoclonal GFAP, and Chicken Polyclonal Neurofilament-NF-L (green). The GFAP antibody stains the network of astrocytes in these cultures, while the NF-L antibody stains neurons and their processes. The blue channel shows the localization of DNA. This antibody also works on formalin fixed paraffin embedded brain tissues. Protocol on Datasheet.

Tuj-1: Gaoying Sun, Wenwen Liu, Zhaomin Fan, Daogong Zhang, Yuechen Han, Lei Xu1, Jieyu Qi, Shasha Zhang, Bradley T. Gao, Xiaohui Bai,Jianfeng Li,Renjie Chai, Haibo Wang. The three-dimensional culture system with matrigel and neurotrophic factors preserves the structure and function of spiral ganglion neuron in vitro.

Need more assurances? Here're some feedback highlights.

STEPHEN C. Nov 19, 2015 Staining (Tuj1) worked well on human neural progenitor cells. Product Name: Tuj 1, Mouse – (Cat# MO15013-100) Organization: UCONN
GINA D. Oct 07, 2015 Very nice antibody and ordering is very easy using the website. Product Name: proDynorphin (rat), Guinea Pig – (Cat# GP10110) Organization: Rosalind Franklin University
CAROL Feb 05, 2015 We got antibodies and received them fast with a correct temperature. Product Name: Coronin 1A, Chicken – (Cat# CH23017) Name: Integrin alpha-M, Chicken – (Cat# CH23021) Organization: UCSF

We have a full money back guarantee so do not hesitate to consider these markers for your assays.


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