Monday, June 22, 2015

Voices of our Customers

Your Feedback Matters-A lot

Our follow up processes include actively engaging users of our solutions for feedback and input. This includes Rose Ludescher, Manager of Customer Satisfaction, calling or sending e-mails to each user within 3 weeks of shipment. At the core is our product rating website. If users identify products related issues, we replace them or refund their purchases.

We want to hear from you...the good, the bad and the ugly. We welcome opportunities to fix issues.

We are always pleased when customers share data with us. Here's a recent example.
Image: Mouse striatum stained with D2 cell marker Enkephalin (RA14124) in green and with neuronal marker NeuN in red courtesy of Dr Heike Rebholz of City College of New York.

We are always delighted when we discover our solutions reference in Customer Publications. We try and post all of these to our website. We also post many here in recognition of our customers' research.

For all customers that share data or testimonials, we provide gift cards. It our way of saying thank you, because your feedback matters!

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