Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Save 100 USD on our hN2™ Primary Neurons

Potent, Pure and Easy to Culture

Assay data continues to roll in. I am pleased by the high lot to lot consistencies of our hN2 Primary Human Neurons resulting in data reproducibility. Here're an examples of outgrowth/tox assays: In conjunction with Molecular Devices' ImageeXpress HCI platform, hN2 differentiated neuronal cells can be used to evaluate potential toxic effects of test compounds on nuerite outgrowth through visualizing cells stained with β-lll tubulin.

Figure: Dose response curves for the effect of neurotoxic agents on neurite outgrowth. hN2™ cells were cultured in the presence of cytotoxic compounds for 72h, stained for β-lll tubulin, imaged with the ImageeXpress and analyzed for neurite outgrowth.

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