Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Save 100 USD on Our New Cardiomyocytes

Potent, Pure and Easy to Culture

I am pleased to announce the addition of Human Cardiomyocytes to our Stem and Cell Based Assay Solutions.

Image: Human Cardiomyocyte culture.

These cells are optimized to provide addition options for in-vitro testing of drug to drug candidate toxicities allowing researchers to rule out the ineffective and potentially toxic small molecules/compounds early in the process.

I want to make it easy for you to buy and try. If you are not delighted with your results, I will replace free of charge or refund your purchase. Please also note the select positive feedback on our other primary and stem cells:
We recently used the hMSCs derived from Umbilical Cord Blood. Their performance was nothing less than excellent. We were highly impressed with their morphology and their doubling rate. In addition the cells respond very well to accutase and maintain their performance after passaging. We highly recommend this cell line. Rodney Nash, Ph.D, Georgia State University.
Combined Hippocampus, Cortex, and Ventricular Neurons: "I got 10 million cells total after extraction from the tissue. At Day 4 they all developed long axons. Thank you so much for the replacement." Dr. Lidia Gardner, University of Tennessee HSC.
Neuromics always provides excellent products and the best customer service. I highly recommend this company's antibodies and neuronal cultures. Kirsten Raehal, Purdue Pharma

I am always available for product related issues and questions. I cam be reached at direct phone: 612-801-1007 and Pete Shuster, CEO and Owner, Neuromics.

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