Thursday, August 25, 2011

Primary Neurons and Cell Based Assays

The feedback I receive from Neuroscientists is consistent. To paraphrase, "gives us healthy, consistent and potent primary cells. I understand the hard work it takes to generate meaningful and publishable results from cell based assays. Our Primary Neurons and Astrocytes are merely inputs for these assays. The real cost is the time invested in culturing and time lost if they don't work.

I have numerous postings on success: Primary Neurons Postings. I wanted to share more data and feedback.

Primary DRGs-Culturing these can be tricky. I make it a point to work with labs to make sure the protocol options best match the desired outcome for assays. This includes replacing cells to make sure we can accurately troubleshoot. This approach insures I can pin point the issues and make sure they are all resolved in round two. Here's a representative testimonial: "Thanks for following up, the DRGs worked great and we were able to get excellent data from them. Thanks so much for working with us." Adam Ross, Dr. Chengji Zhou Lab, UC Davis

Image: DRGs cultured on Calf Skin Collagen.

Primary Hippocampal Neurons-I would like to thank Vimal Swarup, University of Utah for this excellent image.

The cells have been fixed after 48 hrs, they were grown over poly-lysine coated coverslips in the media supplied by Neuromics. Cells were imaged in phase contrast mode with 40x objective.

Put our primary cells to the test!

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