Thursday, February 22, 2018

Primary Human Astrocytes vs Derived Astrocytes Cell Lines

Potent, Pure and Easy to Culture

We are often asked how our human primary astrocytes stack up versus engineered astrocyte cell lines. Astrocyte cultures, whether primary or engineered, need to mimic how they work in-vivo.

This publication is a comprehensive study of the capabilities of our primary astrocytes versus engineered cells. Anders Lundin, Louise Delsing, Maryam Clausen, Piero Ricchiuto, José Sanchez, Alan Sabirsh, Mei Ding, Jane Synnergren, Henrik Zetterberg, Gabriella Brolén, Ryan Hicks, Anna Herland, and Anna Falk. (2018). Human iPS-Derived Astroglia from a Stable Neural Precursor State Show Improved Functionality Compared with Conventional Astrocytic Models. Stem Cell Reports. DOI:

With the exception of glutamate uptake, our primary cells talk and walk like astrocytes. We do plan on running assays to test for glutamate uptake as we believe the cells are capable.

It is important that all our human neurons, astrocytes, microglia and schwann cells are potent, pure and easy to culture. As you can see from this graphic, our "primary astros" our positive for most the required characteristics.

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