Friday, November 04, 2016

We Want Your Data!

50 USD Reward
Our Customer Data program is progressing nicely. I am pleased to present the latest addition from Dr. Vimal Swarup, University of Utah. To qualify for the reward just email Rose

Hippocampalneuron-based guidance assay. Image of micro-contact patterned chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans (pre-mixed with AlexaFluor 594) purified from astrocyte conditioned media (CM). b) Immuno-stain of the spot in (a) with anti-CSPG antibody CS56. c) Overlay of Embryonic day-18 primary rat hippocampal neurons (Cat# PC35101, Neuromics Inc.) and the underlying surface containing μC patterned CM after 48 h of growth. d) Overlay of neurons and underlying surface containing μC patterned CSPGs purified from CM. e) Average neurite length on pLL and stamped regions after 48 h. f) Average neurite length on plain field surfaces of μC patterned CM, CSPG and pLL after 48 h. Results from this experiment show that neurons avoid CM or CSPGs purified from CM while elongating. Swarup et al. JACS. 2013

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