Tuesday, December 17, 2013

hMSCs and Mesen-X Media in Actions

Customer Feedback on Neuromics' Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The demand for these UCB derived hMSCs continues to grow. We do everything we can to insure users' success. This includes replacing cells if there are any issues.

It is always great to get documented feedback. Dr. Rodney Nash, CEO of Javeen Biosciences used their new Mesen-X media to grow the cells. This GMP manufactured media is TOTALLY serum and animal free. It is shipped at room temperature and requires no attachment agents.

Here's Dr. Nash's feedback: We recently used the hMSCs derived from Umbilical Cord Blood. Their performance was nothing less than excellent. We were highly impressed with their morphology and their doubling rate. In addition the cells respond very well to accutase and maintain their performance after passaging. We highly recommend this cell line."

Neuromics' hMSCs grown using Mesen-X Media

The poperties of this Media makes it an excellent solution for drug discovery. Neuromics will be distributing in early 2014 so there will be much more data to follow.

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