Saturday, December 07, 2013

Biochemistry of Hair Loss

Hair Follicle Stem Cells and the WNT Pathway

This publication hit my Radar because it referenced use of our Goat Polyclonal GFRA1 Antibody.

In this study, Researchers use Tbx18Cre knockin mouse line to ablate the Wnt-responsive transcription factor β-catenin specifically in  at E14.5 during the first wave of guard hair follicle formation. In the absence of β-catenin, canonical Wnt signaling is effectively abolished in cell clusters of precursors for the hair follicle dermal papilla (DP). Sox2+ dermal condensates initiate normally; however by E16.5 guard hair follicle numbers are strongly reduced and by E18.5 most whiskers and guard hair follicles are absent, suggesting that active Wnt signaling in dermal condensates is important for hair follicle formation to proceed after induction. To explore the molecular mechanisms by which Wnt signaling in dermal condensates regulates hair follicle formation, we analyze genome-wide the gene expression changes in embryonic β-catenin null DP precursor cells. We find altered expression of several signaling pathway genes, including Fgfs and Activin: Su-Yi Tsai, Rachel Sennett, Amélie Rezza, Carlos Clavel, Laura Grisanti, Roland Zemla, Sara Najam, Michael Rendl Wnt/β-catenin signaling in dermal condensates is required for hair follicle formation. Developmental Biology, Available online 3 December 2013.

Could manipulating PDs be the answer for halting hair loss or better yet reverse the process? This research moves us closer.

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