Monday, April 22, 2013

Small Molecules-Peptides for Neuroscience Research

Agonists, Antagonists, Inhibitors and Ligands for Studying Neuromodulation

Our friends at R and D Systems/Tocris Bioscience have made available to us select Small Molecules/Peptides. Our focus will be on providing agonists, antagonists, inhibitors and ligands that complement our Neuroscience and Pain Research products and expertise.

We will be adding about 10 new molecules/peptides per month. Here's a sampling our our most recent additions:
(±)-trans-ACPDAgonistPotent NMDA agonist. Also group II mGluR agonist
(S)-(-)-5-FluorowillardiineAgonistVery potent AMPA agonist
(S)-4-CarboxyphenylglycineAntagonistCompetitive group I mGluR antagonist/weak group II agonist
2-APBModulatorTRP channel modulator. Also IP3 receptor antagonist
2-Methylthioadenosine triphosphate tetrasodium saltAgonistP2 purinergic agonist
AM 404ModulatorVanilloid receptor agonist. Also anandamide transport inhibitor
BRL 52537 hydrochlorideLigandPotent and selective κ opioid receptor agonist
CNQXAntagonistPotent AMPA/kainate antagonist
Clocinnamox mesylateAntagonistIrreversible μ-opioid receptor antagonist
Endomorphin-1AgonistPotent and selective μ opioid receptor agonist
Endomorphin-2AgonistPotent and selective μ opioid receptor agonist
FITAgonistIrreversible δ opioid receptor agonist
GBR 13069 dihydrochlorideAgonistPotent dopamine uptake inhibitor
L-NIO dihydrochlorideInhibitorPotent eNOS inhibitor
L-Quisqualic acidAgonistVery potent group I mGluR agonist
N-Benzylnaltrindole hydrochlorideAgonistOpioid receptor selective non-peptide antagonist
NociceptinInhibitorEndogenous NOP agonist
O-Phospho-L-serineAntagonistGroup III mGluR agonist; enhances neuronal differentiation
Ro 51AntagonistPotent P2X3, P2X2/3 antagonist
cis-ACPDAgonistPotent NMDA agonist. Also group II mGluR agonist
We will be posting new additions and related data and publications

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