Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FLICA™ in vitro Caspase Kits for Apoptosis Assays

Great solution for measuring neurotoxicity

Here's a recent pub confirming the capabilities of our FLICA™ in vitro Caspase Apoptosis Detection Kits: Minghai Zhou, Gregory Ottenberg, Gian Franco Sferrazza, and Corinne Ida Lasmézas Highly neurotoxic monomeric α-helical prion protein. PNAS 2012 109 (8) 3113-3118; published ahead of print February 7, 2012, doi:10.1073/pnas.1118090109. ...PFA and stained for caspases using FLICA polycaspase assay (Neuromics) according to the manufacturer's instructions. Caspases...assayed on live cells using the caspase- specific FLICA assay (Neuromics). Cells were photographed using a Nikon inverted epifluorescence...

Images: FLICA was used to assess cell death in primay rat hippocampal neurons.Cells were plated on 25-mm poly-l-lysine-coated coverslips at 300,000 cells per coverslip. Cells were used at 4 or 8 days in vitro. Composite imagae (A) 3 out of 4 cells are apoptotic (green). No cells were necrotic as both of the PI-positive cells were FLICA-positive; they had compromised membranes and were probably in the late stages of apoptosis rather than necrosis. (B) 3 Caspase-positive cells fluoresce green.

I would like to underscore that we have solutions to cover most your needs for Apoptosis and Cytoxicity Assays. I will continue to post updates on customer data and publications.

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