Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cannabinoid Type-1 Receptors and Chemotherapy Related Pain

Chemotherapy can induce painful peripheral neuropathy and also have a toxic effect on peripheral nerves. The authors here show that that cisplatin produces hyperalgesia and toxicity to sensory neurons as indicated by neurochemical, morphological, and functional measures. Increasing AEA signaling at CB1 receptors not only reduced the hyperalgesia but reduced the neurotoxicity of cisplatin as well:  Iryna A. Khasabova,Sergey Khasabov, Justin Paz, Catherine Harding-Rose, Donald A. Simone, and Virginia S. Seybold. Cannabinoid Type-1 Receptor Reduces Pain and Neurotoxicity Produced by Chemotherapy. The Journal of Neuroscience, 16 May 2012, 32(20): 7091-7101; doi: 10.1523/​JNEUROSCI.0403-12.2012.

The authors use our guinea pig TRPV1 antibody to measure cisplatin hyperalgesia vs treated and control mice.

Images: URB597 attenuated effects of cisplatin on protein expression in DRGs. A, TRPV1- and ATF-3-ir were detected by immunofluorescence in L3–L5 DRGs from mice treated with vehicle, cisplatin, or cisplatin plus URB597. Cisplatin (1 mg/kg of body weight, daily for 7 d, i.p.) increased the occurrence of TRPV1- and ATF3-ir in neurons. Co-injection of URB597 (0.3 mg/kg daily, i.p.) with cisplatin attenuated the effect cisplatin on protein-ir. Scale bars: 10 μm (for images within each antigen). B, Quantitative summary of the effect of treatments on TRPV1-ir in neurons. Data are expressed as the mean ± SEM. aSignificantly different from each other group (p < 0.05, one-way ANOVA with Student–Newman–Keuls test; n = 4 mice/treatment). C, Quantitative summary of the effect of treatments on ATF-ir in neurons. Data are expressed as the median and 25th and 75th percentile range. *Significantly different from vehicle control and cisplatin plus URB597 groups (n = 6 mice/treatment; p < 0.001, Kruskal–Wallis ANOVA on ranks test).

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