Saturday, September 09, 2006

4 New Interleukins

These Interleukins have been tested for IHC and WB apps and recommended for use by Diabetes/Obesity, Cancer, Neurodegenerative Disease and Pain/Inflammation Researchers


Image: IL-1α staining of blood lymphocytes. Cells were stained using anti-gat-Cy3 (red) and counterstained with Fluoro Nissl Green


Image: IL-1 beta staining (red color) in mouse splenocytes stimulated with Con A. Cell nuclei counterstained green.

IL-1 R1

Image: IL-1R staining of mouse thymus. Staining was done using HRP-DAB (brown) detection. Tissue was counterstained with haematoxylin (blue).


Image: IL-6 staining of mouse T cells. Cells were stained with goat anti-rat IL-6 (red) and nuclei counterstained with Fluoro Nissl Green.

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