Saturday, July 22, 2006

TRPV1-N and C Data

Some interesting results from:

Sharif Naeini R, Witty MF, Seguela P, Bourque CW (2006) An N-terminal variant of Trpv1 channel is required for osmosensory transduction. Nature Neuroscience. (1):93-8.

Figure: SON Neurons express an N-terminal variant(s) of TRPV1 (a) Simplified structure of mRNA (numbered boxes show exons of TRPV1 gene) encoding TRPV1 (above). Gray arrow tails and lines illustrate mRNA regions detected by primer sets A and B. RT-PCR analysis of mRNAs expressed in DRG and SON (below). Note the lack of signals for the N terminus of TRPV1 (lane 2, exons 2-6, primer set A) in SON. (b) Immunocytochemical staining confirmed the presence of full length TRPV1 in DRG neurons. In contrast, only the C-terminus of the TRPV1 protein (C-TRPV1) was detected in the AVP positive SON neurons. (c) Whole-cell recordings reveal that DRG neurons are sensitive to capsaicin ('Cap,' 10 uM, 5s) but that SON neurons are insensitive.

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