Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Publication-Neuromic's E-18 Primary Hippocampal Neurons

Brian Hoffpauir , Emily McMains, and Evanna Gleason Nitric Oxide Transiently Converts Synaptic Inhibition to Excitation in Retinal Amacrine Cells J Neurophysiol 95: 2866-2877, 2006

Hippocampal cultures were made from 18-day-old rat (Fischer 3440) embryos. Micro-dissected hippocampal tissue was obtained from Neuromics (Bloomington, MN) and prepared and maintained according to the supplier’s protocols. Recordings from single hippocampal neurons were made after 4–7 days in culture. No physiological assessments of the relative maturity of these cells have been made. According to their developmental timeline alone, they would be considered embryonic.

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