Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Easy Immunostaining Staining

10X the Signal at a Fraction of the Cost
Time is money. This is especially true of routine immunostaining assays.

We are pleased to introduce you to EZ-HRPTM Polymer Detection. Features include:
  • 10-15 times more sensitive than conventional avidin-biotin detection 
  • Allows for entire staining procedure to be completed in just under 2 hours Requires less primary antibody (3-4 times less) 
  • Does not produce non-specific background staining Can be used on unfixed or chemical fixed (formalin, formaldehyde, alcohol, etc), paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue sections.
Comparison of IHC images using EZ-HRP™ Polymer vs. a conventional avidin-biotin antibody
We are continuously adding new products to improve your research results.

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