Monday, May 15, 2017

TRPV1 Antibodies

Designed for Your Success.
The roots of our TRPV1 Antibodies run deep. They have been key to our ongoing success. We have been providing them to Researchers since the inception of Neuromics (12 years ago).

We measure our success one Researcher at a time. Positive feedback includes references in many publications. There are indeed "Tested; Characterized and Research Ready"

Here's a pub hot off the presses: Noémi Bohonyi, Krisztina Pohóczky, Bálint Szalontai, Anikó Perkecz, Krisztina Kovács, Béla Kajtár, Lajos Orbán, Tamás Varga, Sarolta Szegedi, József Bódis, Zsuzsanna Helyes, Miklós Koppán. Local upregulation of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 and transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 ion channels in rectosigmoid deep infiltrating endometriosis. Molecular Pain. First published date: May-07-2017. 10.1177/1744806917705564.
Figure: Immunohistochemical staining of TRPV1 receptor in healthy eutopic endometrium and in rectosigmoid DIE nodules. (a) Negative control using tris-buffered saline instead of the primary antibody in normal endometrial tissue. (b) Rectal myenteric ganglia, serving as positive control for TRPA1 expression. (c) Healthy eutopic endometrial tissue. (d) Rectosigmoid DIE nodule. (e) Rectosigmoid DIE nodule, glandular component. (f) Rectosigmoid DIE nodule, stromal component. (d) and (f) Sections shown on panels were taken from the same DIE patient who experienced severe, endometriosis associated pain. Background staining was performed with hematoxylin and eosin to reveal the tissue structure. Black arrow heads denote TRPV1 receptor labelling. Magnification is X400, except panel (d) where it is X100. Scale bars: 50 µm, except panel (d) where it is 200 µm.
We frequently post unique data generated by use of our antibodies.

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