Saturday, March 18, 2017

High Titer Cathepsin Antibodies

Used in Thyroid Gland Research

We strive to provide quality tools to study proteases and apoptosis. Here is a publication featuring 2 of our Cathepsin Antibodies: Jonas Weber, Joseph McInnes, Cise Kizilirmak, Maren Rehders, Maria Qatato, Eva K. Wirth, Ulrich Schweizer, Francois Verrey, Heike Heuer, Klaudia Brix. Interdependence of thyroglobulin processing and thyroid hormone export in the mouse thyroid gland. European Journal of Cell Biology. Available online 6 March 2017. goat anti-cathepsin B (GT15047; 1 in 1000, Neuromics through Acris, Herford, Germany), goat anti-cathepsin L (GT15049; 1 in 1000, Neuromics through Acris)...

Images: Protein levels of cathepsin B, D, and L in thyroids of TH transporter-deficient adult mice. Whole thyroid lysates of adult mice (5–8 months old) were separated on horizontal SDS-gels, transferred to nitrocellulose and incubated with antibodies against cathepsins B, D or L (left panels). Densitometry of the indicated bands revealed that cathepsin D protein levels were elevated significantly in Mct8/Mct10-deficient mice, whereas cathepsin B and L levels were increased in all investigated genotypes when compared to WT (right panels). 

Images: Expression and localization of cathepsin B in thyroid glands from TH transporter-deficient mice. Cathepsin B (white, red) was mainly localised in vesicles of thyrocytes of WT (A) and Mct10- (B) Mct8- (C), and Mct8/Mct10-deficient (D) animals but also associated with the apical plasma membrane domain and within the lumen of thyroid follicles (E to H, asterisks). Thyroid tissue taken from cathepsin B-deficient animals served as controls for antibody specificity, which was confirmed by lack of primary antibody reactivity (I). Vesicular staining (arrows) of cathepsin B is more pronounced and signal intensities (J) are slightly increased in both, Mct8- (G) or Mct8/Mct10-deficient (H) mouse thyroids when compared to WT (E). Representative images of 3 animals (5–8 months old) per genotype are displayed.

We will continue to post relevant stories of our markers in action.

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