Sunday, September 04, 2016

Multiplexed Protein Array for Immunologists

Assay 1,631 Antibodies in Under 8 Hours!
The RayBio® Immunome Protein Arrays are multiplex protein immunoassays for numerous research applications. Correctly folded, functional proteins are immobilized onto a solid glass slide surface. The slides can then be probed with serum or small molecules and used in protein-antibody studies, small-molecule inhibition of kinase studies, protein-protein studies, methylation studies or DNA binding studies. Our main immunome array product offering contains 1,631 proteins. Smaller custom arrays are also available.

Each 75mm x 25mm glass slide is spotted with 4 identical protein arrays (also called “subarrays”), each with 1631 correctly folded and functional spotted proteins! Each protein is attached to the streptavidin-coated slide exclusively via a biotinylated affinity tag, specifically the biotin carboxyl carrier protein (BCCP) domain of the E. coli acetyl CoA carboxylase. This affinity tag was chosen because the BCCP domain must be folded into its native 3-dimensional structure in order to become biotinylated. If the expressed protein mis-folds the BCCP tag will also mis-fold, preventing biotinylation. If the protein folds correctly then folding of the BCCP tag should be unhindered and biotinylation will result. This property allows only correctly folded proteins to be bound to the slide.

Research Applications

  • Screening protein-antibody interactions 
  • Performing small-molecule-kinase inhibition experiments 
  • Screening protein-protein interactions 
  • Performing DNA-binding experiments Performing methylation assays
How it Works
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