Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nestin Expression in Differentiating Neural Progenitors

Breathtaking Images

Our Nestin Antibody + a ​HES5::eGFP reporter was one of the markers used to visualize differentiating stem/progenitor cells (see: Nature Communications 6, Article number: 6500 doi:10.1038/ncomms7500).

Figures: (a) Neural differentiation scheme. Neural induction was performed by a dual SMAD inhibition protocol followed by long-term propagation with the factors indicated for 220 days. Naming conventions representing neuroepithelial (NE), early radial glial (E-RG), midradial glial (M-RG), late radial glial (L-RG) and long-term cultured progenitors (LNP) are indicated. Number of passages are indicated as P(n). (b) Bright field microscopy of progenitor cells during long-term differentiation shows dynamic morphological features. Scale bar: 50 μm (valid for all images in b). (c) Combined ​HES5::eGFP reporter expression and Nestin Immunostainings of stem/progenitor cells.

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