Monday, January 05, 2015

Racing into 2015

Thank you for a Great 2014!
EU PCWow. I would like to thank our customers, collaborators and friends for helping us achieve unprecedented success in 2014.

We plan on racing hard into 2015. I would like to highlight our focus areas for the New Year.

Stem Cell Activating Solutions-We have been pilot testing solutions foir balanced immunity and stem cell vitality. Our clients have been mostly peopole with autoimmune related issues. After 6 months of therapy, the improvement in symptoms and test results, for many, has been stunning (see below).
We have developed migration and other assays to test these solutions in vitro using our UCB Derived hMesenchymal Stem Cells. We also use medical testing to prove and improve their therapeutic value. These assays and arrays are available for labs and clinics interested in testing stem cell related solutions. Here're representative data from our Quantibody Array testing program.

Stem and Primary Cell Based Assays-We will continue to add new solutions for your assays. These will include mixed culture that more closely mimic in vivo environments like mixed astroglial-neuron cultures. Below is our hN2TM Human Neurons stained with one of our neuron markers.
Image: hN2 cells grown in culture for 4 days and stained with our chicken polyclonal to Neurofilament light or low molecular weight chain NF-L, a marker of neurons. Many of the differentiating cells show strong cytoplasmic and clearly fibrillar staining for NF-L. Blue stain is DAPI and reveals cell nuclei of some non neuronal cells in this culture.

Check out and join my Stem Cell Clinical Trails Group on Linkedin (4500+members strong).
We wish you a rewarding 2015.

Pete Shuster-
CEO & or 612-801-1007

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