Thursday, September 18, 2014

Potent and Pure HUVECs

Only $199 for 500,000 Cells Through Sept. 30

HUVECs (Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells) assays are important for studying the pathology of many diseases and cancers. We provide fresh cells at P1 in T25 flasks. They come to you ready to culture. Initial customer feedback has been favorable regarding ease of culturing and doubling cell populations (up to 16 passages). Now is the time to invest and build your stock of HUVECs!
Image: HUVECs cultured using our Collagel Hydrogel.

Characterization of the cells:
  • Cytoplasmic VWF / Factor VIII: 95% positive by immunofluorescence 
  • Cytoplasmic uptake of Di-I-Ac-LDL: 95% positive by immunofluorescence 
  • Cytoplasmic PECAM1: 95% positive by immunofluorescence 
HUVECs are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and mycoplasma.

Questions? Contact information: Pete Shuster, CEO and Owner, or direct phone: 612-801-1007.

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