Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cytokines and Neuropathic Pain

I have been frequently posting results of testing blood serum of our clients suffering from Autoimmune (including Neuroimmuno) Diseases and Autistic Children. Our testing includes both standard medical testing (serum levels of toxins, metals, pathogen loads and markers like Cortisol, CRP, CDs, ALPS, NSE, S100b). In addition, we also doing testing using our Quantibody® Antibody.

Many of the clients report chronic mild to severe neuropathic pain.

By definition, this pain encompasses a series of heterogeneous conditions with some similar clinical manifestations. Peripheral examples include traumatic nerve injury, diabetic peripheral neuropathy and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy or Multiple Sclerosis. (see: Front Pharmacol. 2013; 4: 142.Published online Nov 22, 2013. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2013.00142). It is hard to unravel the cause and effects of this pain,

However, in analyzing the results from our clients' test we notice a relationship between dysregulation of some key cytokines and levels of pain (more data is required to confirm this). Here're our results (n=5)
Figure: Clients reporting pain vs healthy controls.

We will continue posting results here. We are releasing a Custom Quantibody Neuroimmuno-Pain Array which will include more bio-markers suspected to play a role in pain signaling.

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