Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Human Stress Selected Stem Cells

They Survive to Thrive

I am pleased to announce the addition of Stress Selected Stem Cells to our Cell Based Assays Offerings.

What makes these cells unique? They have:
•High potency, expansion rates and passaging.
•Low telomerase activity=low tumorigenesis properties
•High ability to migrate and differentiate to specific tissue types-High expression of migration/homing chemokines.

Image: Further morphology of these cultures is shown above as phase contrast images of two prominent clusters together with more firmly attached cells of classical mesenchymal morphology. This is day seven following exposure to stress. Scale bar is 50 mm.

We are offering these cells for 600 USD through June 30, 2014 (Save 150 USD)! Ordering options.

Check out our presentation learn more:
We can also conduct contract research to meet your specific requirements. To learn more you can contact me @612-801-1007 or

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