Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kinetic Assays and Stem Cell Toxicology Studies

UCB Derived hMSCs and Cobalt

Here're results from a recent Kinetic Assay study we conducted using our Umbilical Cord Blood Derived Stem Cells:

Images and Figure: Images: Dose-Response curve for Co++ toxicity to Hoechst-stained hMSCs (UCB Derived catalog number SC00A1-HC). The bar graph on the lower right shows cell counts verses [Co++] at 24, 48 & 72 hours exposure to Co++. Results at 144 hours showed massive cell death. The initial increase in cell counts at low concentration may reflect the well-known activation of HIFs by Co++. Counts were determined by Hoechst-stained MSCs and simultaneous propidium iodide staining shows increasing numbers of permeable (presumably dead) cells at 24, 48 & 72 hours post-Co++ during exposure to 10% DMSO. Images acquired on Biotek Cytation 3 imaging system.

We are currently designing  assays for testing small molecules and compounds. These are customized for Musculoskeletel Diseases Drug Discovery. They will be released in Q2 2014.

We also offer CRO Services. We have the ability to test different analytes and their impact on: Cell Migration, Differentiation and Expansion. This could include the study of toxic analytes on these behaviors. We are also assaying various supplements that claim to endogenously boost stem cells or other natural substances like Li-VPA. We can do these studies using your stem cells or ours.

Questions or interest? I can be reached at pshuster@neuromics.com or cell: 612-801-1007.

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