Sunday, November 04, 2012

True Physiologic Conditions in Cell Culturing

The Petaka Advantage!

A cornerstone of Neuromics' strategy is to enable better science by finding ways to help our customers and collaborators to both improve and lower the overall costs of their cell based assays.

We embrace new technologies if they prove capable of providing cell culture environment that more closely mimic in vivo environments. This enables basic and drug discovery researchers learn more about the true potential of targets. More informed decisions early in the process reduce downstream costs.

This is why the use of engineered mini bioreactors with Ducted Respiratory Chambers (DRCs) like the Petaka® G3 LOT needs to be considered. (detailed information @ Ducted Respiratory Chamber Bioreactors.© 2012 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News All Rights Reserved). Instead of attempting to impose “normal” gas conditions on the cells through active incubator controls, this system passively allows cells to maintain their own oxygen, carbon dioxide, and humidity levels.
Image: Petaka's DRC design. The cell culture chamber is isolated on the injection side from the atmosphere by a self-sealing silicone injection port that allows the closed introduction of media and cells, including most eukaryotic cells types, small early-stage embryos, tissue fragments, and even needle biopsies.

Because the cells control their own gas environment, there is little effect from outside gas conditions, and the DRC is effective in atmospheres from 500 meters below sea level up to elevations of 4,000 meters, and in relative humidity levels between 10% and 100%.
Figure: Self-regulating gas management in the DRC. Cells consume O2, with restricted O2 ingress, causing a first proliferative cell phase to evolve into a second differentiating cell phase for protein production and gene expression.

The DRC changes the paradigm of cell culture, replacing nearly a century of active attempts to humanly intervene to manipulate gas exchange with a self-regulating design driven by natural laws of diffusion to create dependable, and truly physiologic, gas environments.

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