Saturday, September 08, 2012

hMSCs+Petaka=Excellent SC Cultures

I have been promoting the capabilities of our new PetakaTM Cell Culturing Systems. My confidence that you will be delighted with these capabilities is based, in part, on the success Dr. Jim Musick, CEO, Vitro Biopharma had culturing our UCB derived Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells.
These cells work "hand in glove" with Petaka. The system enabled Jim to:
  • Culture the cells with out the addition of CO2 or humidity (no environmental dehydration)-no incubator required.
  • Use less growth media
  • Drive the cells into dormancy enabling them to be maintaned, shipped and stored at Room Temperature.
Images: hMSCs in Petaka and cell dormancy and recovery.

Additional Resources:

Petaka Presentations-Petaka features and capabilities. Includes: culturing stem cells, other primary cells and cell lines; customizing phsiological conditions to match cells' in vivo environment and cell culture pausing for room temperature handling and shipping.
Petaka Cell Culturing Video Protocols
Petaka Cell Harvesting Video Protocols
Petaka Cell Maintenance, Shipping and Recovery Video Protocols

Petaka means better cultures at a lower cost. I will continue to post new data confirming this here.

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