Saturday, February 12, 2011

H9-WA09 Derived Human Neural Progenitors and Neurons Pricing

Neuromics offers stable, potent and well characterized STEMEZ (TM) Human Neural Progenitor & Neuron Discovery Kits. These are derived from NIH registered human ES cell line H9 (WA09).

Details on the capabilities of these cells are detailed in a variety of publications. They work! As a result, I am trying to make it easier to justify using them when and where they are needed. In addition to having frequent updates on new references, methods and data, I want to offer the best pricing possible.

In researching pricing of cells derived from the same parental line and having similar characteristics, I noticed prices ranging from 995 to 2800 USD. Our pricing starts at 695 USD and we offer deeper discounting if required. I do not want price to be a barrier. Here's some sample data on these cells.

Images: Neural phenotypes derived from hN2 cell lines. (A) Phase contrast image of differentiated culture. (B) Network including post-mitotic motoneurons (HB9). (C) Cholinergic neuron. (D) Tuj-1 positive cells that are DAT-positive (dopamine transporter; closed arrow) and DAT-negative (open arrow). (E) Gabaergic neurons, inset illustrates GABA in axon, but not the dendrites (arrow).

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