Saturday, October 09, 2010

Enhancing Neurite Outgrowth

We are pleased to announce the addition of new proteins to our Axon Growth and Guidance category. These are designed to enhance neurite out growth.

Catalog #TypeSpeciesSizePrice
NGF-b, NSO Derived
ProteinH; M; R100 ug$285
NGF-b, NSO Derived, CFPR15084CFProteinH; M; R100 ug$285
S100A13, CFPR15085CF-50ProteinH; R50 ug$315
Slit1PR15075-50ProteinCh; H50 ug$315
Slit2, CHO
ProteinCh; H50 ug$315

Image: Cultured chick dorsal root ganglion neurons were grown in the presence of recombinant human NGF-b with (A) or without (B) recombinant mouse Slit2. The presence of the Slit2 protein signifi cantly enhanced neurite outgrowth.

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