Sunday, May 16, 2010

Apoptosis Signaling-Visualization and Measurement.

Apoptosis-Oxidative Stress Research Reagents are widely used and frequently referenced in customer publications. We work hard to keep our fingers on the pulse of how they are utilized across the many research areas important to our customers and add new reagents based on evolving requirements.

I recently posted publications referencing our MitoPTTM Kits for quantitating Tumor Apoptosis

New Pub referencing Polycaspase Assay Kit, green: L. Wei, D. Ding and R. Salvi. Salicylate-induced degeneration of cochlea spiral ganglion neurons-apoptosis signaling.

Images: Typical confocal photomicrographs of SGN stained with Polycaspase Assay Kit (green) and with an antibody against neuronal III ß-tubulin (red) to identify SGN. (A) In control cultures, most SGN have large, oval shaped soma and neurites extending from the soma; note absence of polycaspase labeling (green). (B) SGN treated for 3 h with 5 mM SS; polycaspase labeling was present on SGN with shrunken soma. For interpretation of the references to color in this figure legend, the reader is referred to the Web version of this article.

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Polycaspase Assay Kit, green

Magic Red™ Real Time! Kits
-Measure apoptosis in
whole living, intact cells - no lysis required

FLIVO™ Polycaspase Live!, in vivo Apoptosis Kits-New

-Designed for cancer and neurodegenerative disease applications.

FLICA™ in vitro Caspase Kits
-Fast!-Use Caspase
kits to quantitate apoptosis via active caspases in whole, living
cells. These kits do not use ELISA or any antibodies for detection

FLISP™ Serine Protease Detection Kits
chymotrypsin-like protease activation in whole living cells.

MitoPT™ Kits
-Quantitate mitochondrial
functionality and apoptosis

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