Thursday, September 10, 2009

TRPV1 Antibodies in Action

We would like to thank Dr. Fletcher White, LUMC, for Sharing this data with us:

Images: The CCR2 chemokine receptor colocalized with IB4 and TRPV1, markers of nociceptive neurons, after injury. A) Many lumbar DRG neurons in vehicle-treated rat sensory neurons were positive for IB4, a neuronal phenotype that distinguishes some C-fiber nociceptors (red cells), however there was no expression of the CCR2 protein. B) After perineural gp120/hCD4 treatment, CCR2 protein expression (green cells) was upregulated, and co-localized with IB4. C) Both gp120/hCD4 and ddC treatment resulted in an upregulation of CCR2 expression (green cells) in many small and medium diameter neurons. Again, CCR2 co-localized in a number of IB4 positive cells. D) The TRPV1 channel is present on many nociceptive neurons and is involved in the neuropathic pain mechanism. Under normal conditions, TRPV1 was expressed in neurons (red cells). E) After gp120/hCD4 treatment, CCR2 expression is upregulated (green cells) and colocalized with TRPV1. F) After the combination of gp120/hCD4 and ddC treatments, again CCR2 was upregulated to a similar degree as gp120/hCD4 treatment alone and exhibited some colocalizations with TRPV1.
Scale Bar: 100um.

We would also like to share recent publications referencing our TRPVs:

Hao Sun, De-Pei Li, Shao-Rui Chen, Walter Hittelman, and Hui-Lin PanSensing of Blood Pressure Increase by Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 Receptors on BaroreceptorsJ. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., Sep 2009; doi:10.1124/jpet.109.160473 ......guinea pig anti-TRPV1, dilution 1:1000, Neuromics, Minneapolis, MN) and secondary antibody...guinea pig anti-VR1 C-terminus (TRPV1), dilution 1:1000,Neuromics; and rabbit anti-NF200, dilution 1:100...guinea pig anti-TRPV1, dilution 1:1000, Neuromics) for 2 hr at room temperature and

overnight......Kenjiro Matsumoto, Emi Kurosawa, Hiroyuki Terui, Takuji Hosoya, Kimihito Tashima, Toshihiko Murayama, John V. Priestley, and Syunji HorieLocalization of TRPV1 and contractile effect of capsaicin in mouse large intestine: high abundance and sensitivity in rectum and distal colonAm J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol, Aug 2009; 297: G348 - G360. ......TRPV1 antibody (mouse TRPV1 C-terminus; Neuromics, Minneapolis, MN) were 1:60,000 for rectum...different anti-TRPV1 antibodies (1:60,000, Neuromics, and rat TRPV1 COOH-terminus, 1:1,000...experiments, the antibody (1:60,000; Neuromics) was preincubated with 10 uM of the corresponding......

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