Thursday, April 13, 2006

RNAi Transfection Alliance

Neuromics and Alphagenix would like to announce our RNAi Transfection Alliance. We will be partnering with IDT to develop and commercialize better ways to deliver RNAi to Glia, Neurons and the Nervous System.

Here are some related publications:

Progress Towards in vivo Use of siRNAs
siRNAi: Applications in Functional Genomics and Potential as Therapeutics
Assembly and Function of RNAi Silencing Complexes
Synthetic dsRNA Substrates Enhance RNAi Potency and Efficacy

In vivo Publications:

Luo MC, Zhang DQ, Ma SW, Huang YY, Shuster SJ, Porreca F, Lai J (2005). An efficient intrathecal delivery of small interfering RNA to the spinal cord and peripheral neurons. Molecular Pain 2005, 1:29.

Priti Kumar, Sang Kyung Lee, Premlata Shankar, N. Manjunath (2006) A Single siRNA Suppresses Fatal Encephalitis Induced by Two Different Flaviviruses. PLOS Medicine, Volume 3 Issue 4 APRIL 2006

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