Friday, April 14, 2006

The Neuromics-AlphaGenix alliance

We are thrilled to be working with Neuromics in the area of RNAi and believe it has enormous potential for genetic-based therapies for neurological disorders, neuro-oncology, viral infections and inherited genetic disorders.

Neuromics and AlphaGenix work closely with Dr. Mark Behlke, Vice President of Molecular Genetics at Integrated DNA Technologies to develop optimum strategies for the design of RNAi molecules.

This is followed by developing in vitro studies on primary cells, which are required in order to design in vivo strategies to inhibit targeted gene expression. While transfection studies enhance our understanding of RNAi technology, we believe that it is vital to demonstrate validation by including sufficent controls as well as demonstrating knockdown of endogenous message.

We will be routinely publishing new publications to this blog. In this way, researchers are able to get leading papers and reviews in these fields of research as well as having the ability to bring their own expertise to the table. Indeed, science is a collective effort and we encourage you as colleagues to help all of us keep on the cutting edge.

Best regards,

Stephen Hall, Ph.D.

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