Saturday, September 07, 2019

Potent FBS-Only $289/500 ml.

We our a bit over stocked in FBS. In order to fix, we are offering it for $289/500 ml. This offer is only good through September 15, 2019 so you will need to hurry.

Primary mouse vascular smooth muscle cells stained with smooth muscle alpha actin in DMEM with Neuromics 10% FBS. Data courtesy of Deng-Fu Guo, University of Iowa.

Note: We test each lot of FBS on our primary human cell cultures enabling us to choose lots yielding the best results...Testimonial: "We have used the FBS from Neuromics in feeding media for primary mouse astrocytes as well as for some cell lines. Your product is good and we plan to continue using it.” - Svetlana Vidensky, MS, Senior Research Specialist in Dr. Jeffrey Rothstein lab, Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University. Questions?  Contact Rose at or 952-374-6161

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