Thursday, October 18, 2018

TRP Antibodies

Some of the Best Available
Our TRP Channel Antibodies are widely used and frequently published.

Here's some data from researchers using on of our TRPV1 Antibodies.

Immunohistochemical expression of serum response factor in rat dorsal root ganglia. Dorsal root ganglia dissected from male Sprague-Dawley rat and imaged by confocal microscopy for (A) TRPV1 (blue), (B) AKAP (AKAP150, green), and (C) SRF (red), with colocalization represented in panel (D). White arrows indicate cells expressing all 3 proteins. Yellow line represents 50 μM in length; images are representative of 4 individual sections taken from 6 L4 to L6 DRG. (E) Venn diagram of coexpression between SRF (red circle), AKAP (AKAP150, green circle), and TRPV1 (blue circle). (F) Percentages of SRF coexpression with AKAP (AKAP150) or TRPV1 calculated from 8 randomly selected coverslips. DRG, dorsal root ganglia; SRF, serum response factor. Source Serum response factor mediates nociceptor inflammatory pain plasticity PAIN Reports3(3):e658, May/June 2018.
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