Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Put our Antibodies to Work for You!

Tested and Characterized for Results You Can Trust
When you select a vendor for antibodies, there is a measure of trust. We know you are asking, "will it work in the applications as advertised".

Since the inception of Neuromics, our guiding principle is providing well-characterized solutions for results you can trust and understand. In order to provide as much comfort in the purchase of our solutions, we encourage access to publications, data, and testimonials.

Here're some recent testimonials:
  • Good antibody! Product Name: Tuj 1, Chicken – (Cat# CH23005) Good for neuronal staining. Bright and specific.Liang Shi - May 03, 2018 - Rating: 5.0 
  • Neuromics has a conjugated antibody for oligodendrocytes that is unavailable anywhere else and works really well. Very pleased with the product and have already ordered it a few times. Edit: This antibody is available from Miltenyi now. They both behave comparably. Matthew Smith - Apr 24, 2018 - Rating: 5.0 
  • I bought the secondary antibodies (488-Goat anti mouse IgG and 546-goat anti rabbit IgG) from Neuromics and used them for IF assay. Both antibodies worked well. I highly recommend them.Bonnie Dai - Apr 21, 2018 - Rating: 5.0 
Expression of TH (green) and TRPV1 (blue) relatively to CGRP-cre+ neurons (red) in DRG from CGRPcre-ER/+;Rosa26LSL-tDTomato/+ mice. Some TRPV1+ DRG neurons are not expressed in CGRP-cre+ sensory neurons. These CGRP-cre-/TRPV1+ neurons are marked with yellow arrows (a and a1). b. Expression of calbindin-28K (Calb; green) relatively to CGRP-cre+ DRG neurons (red). Yellow arrows mark CGRP-cre-/Calb+ neurons (b and b1). c. Expression of trkB (green) relatively to CGRP-cre+ DRG neurons (red). Yellow arrows mark CGRP-cre-/trkB+ neurons; and a blue arrow shows a rare example of the CGRP-cre+/trkB+ neuron (c and c1). d. Expression of trkC (green) relatively to CGRP-cre+ DRG neurons (red). Yellow arrows mark CGRP-cre-/trkC+ neurons; and; and a blue arrow shows an example of the CGRP-cre+/trkC+ neuron (d and d1). White horizontal bar shows 20μm scale for each panel.

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