Friday, December 16, 2016

Neuromics Cornerstone

Human Primary + Stem Cells and 3-D Tissue Like Models

We are pleased by growing demand for our "hard to find" primary cells and 3-D BBB model. These are proving to be engines for drug discovery and toxicology assays.

We have have the capabilities isolate cells from healthy human donors. We then grow and characterize the cells and cryo-preserve in vials of 500,000 cells. They are now ready to culture.

We are increasingly determining types of cells to add to our growing catalog by meeting the specific demand of our clients. For example, our addition of primary human schwann cells and microglia happened, because they were needed for a specific client study.
Human Schwann Cells
Our 3-D Blood Brain Barrier Model is also working well in the hands of our clients. We are receiving positive input and this is supported by repeat orders. It is designed for users to test the ability of compounds, molecules and oligos to pass the BBB and penetrate into the brain.

Our cornerstone: hard to find human primary/stem cells + 3-D tissue like assays.
We can say, "Need cells or 3-D tissue like models?  Just ask us!". Pete Shuster, CEO and Owner-direct phone: 612-801-1007 or

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