Tuesday, April 26, 2016

ELISA Blocking Buffers

Paramount to Reducing Background Noise and Attaining an Accurate Signal

Once the antibody or protein antigens have been properly adsorbed onto the ELISA/EIA plate, the next critical step in creating a reliable immunoassay is the blocking of the plate. This key is:

  • Preventing nonspecific binding 
  • Reducing ELISA background signal 
  • Blocking nonspecific binding to adsorbed proteins 
  • Stabilizing proteins adsorbed to plate for better interactions 

Neuromics's ELISA Blocking Buffer formulations reduce nonspecific binding of sample and assay components to the ELISA well while stabilizing the coated protein. Six formulations offer significant benefits to different assay situations. Browse the product selections below, or order our Blocking Buffer Optimization Pack to try three formulations at an economical rate.

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