Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mouse and Human Motor Neurons

Designed for Neuro-muscular Diseases Research

Clients have been using our easy to culture and research proven GFP Labeled Mouse Motor Neurons for Neuro-muscular disease research. This includes the inclusion of the cells in several ALS drug discovery programs being conducted by large Pharma.

Image: GFP+ mMN Mouse Motor Neurons at 2 days post thaw 20X.

I am pleased to announce the addition of Human Motor Neurons to our Primary Human, Mouse and Rat Neurons, Astrocytes and Neuron-Astroglial co-culture solutions.

Image: Human alpha-Motor Neurons

Questions?  Do not hesitate to contact me directly, Pete Shuster, CEO and Owner, Neuromics, and direct phone: 612-801-1007. Thank you.

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