Monday, August 03, 2015

Gene Expression-Have it Your Way

From Delivery to Stable Expression
Neuromics has a successful track record of helping our clients delivery siRNA, miRNA, Plasmids and other oligos in vitro and in vivo with our Transfection Kits...But my vision with our cell based assay solutions has always been to provide engineered cells and plasmids modified to study your genes of interest. I am pleased to announce we are working with Smart Cell /B-MoGen Technologies to make this happen. We now can provide:
Gene Transfer and Expression Products Leveraging the Sleeping Beauty Technology:

Images: B-MoGen Transposon exhibiting stable expression of five fluorescent genes
Advantages of Sleeping Beauty Transposon System:
· Delivery method is time and cost effective compared to lentiviral delivery.
· Increased cargo-capacity when compared to lentiviral delivery.
· Safest insertion profile of all gene transfer methods.
· Commonly integrated as a single copy.
Custom vector design and assembly, including multi-gene (up to 6) vectors.
We are in the process of formulating standard offerings. In the meantime, I am positioned to offer favorable pricing and terms to early adopters of our Sleeping Beauty Solutions. Please contact me directly or 612-801-1007. We can together determine your needs and desired outcomes and provide a statement of work with pricing, project milestones and delivery.

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